Repairing a Water Tank Saves Money

Repairing a Water Tank

Repairing a Water Tank Saves MoneyRepairing a Water Tank makes sense as does the repair of many plastic items. If it is too good to throw away, too expensive to replace or perhaps too hard to source as the item is not made anymore then it is certainly worth fixing.

Plastic is everywhere these days and many plastics can be repaired simply by being effectively welded.  It’s handy to know that you may have a choice to repair something if it breaks rather than just replacing it and sending it to landfill.

Damaged water tanks should be considered for repair as this process carries much more relevance and importance than the option of simply being replaced. We offer a range of methodologies to repair your plastic tank and offer our services in a way that provides you the best overall solution.

Water tanks are expensive to replace and, unless the damage is beyond repair it is usually worth fixing them. For example consider the cost of replacing a large poly water tank.  A 5000 gallon (23,000 litre) tank usually retails for around $3500. If you needed to replace it not only are you up for the cost of repair  but other costs may include removing the old tank, dumping fees and plumbing the new tank in.  The total cost can quickly escalate so, even if you have to spend several hundred dollars to have the existing tank repaired you would still be a long way ahead. The thought of sending plastic to landfill should also be considered from the environmental perspective.

Items commonly repaired by Fix a Tank Queensland include:

  1. Large household water tanks
  2. Odd shaped water tanks
  3. Rural water tanks
  4. Crates
  5. Canoes and kayaks
  6. Poly boats

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We cover a wide area of the greater Gympie region and the Sunshine Coast.

Plastic Tank Welding

Plastic Tank WeldingPlastic Tank Welding

Plastic Tank Welding from Fix a Tank means you have the skilled specialists in repairing a wide range of products made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), or as they are usually known, “Poly”.

We take pride in offering on-site repairs to poly water tanks no matter what brand of tank you have. We have the technology to repair it no matter what shape or size. This is a very economical solution for your damaged tank.

Water tanks are a huge industry now and we have become specialists in repairing them using advanced plastic tank welding techniques. Most of these tanks are made from a low density polyethylene which is a difficult plastic to repair.

These tanks have to be welded with a different density of welding rod, as it can’t be welded with itself contrary to most other weldable plastics. 

We have seen on a few occasions a situation where a forklift operator, puts one of the forks through a tank during installation and causes quite a bit of damage. That means removal and replacement, but also disposed of at great cost to the owners. For a fraction of these costs it can be repaired successfully and withstands all the pressure when it is full.

We’re up to date with all the latest technologies and processes and with our expertise and skills we can repair or recycle just about any plastic component. We cover a wide area of the Gympie and Sunshine Coast.

If you think plastic won’t be strong enough for heavy-duty commercial or industrial equipment, think again. Some specialized plastics are as strong and durable as metal. In fact, plastic can be more resistant to corrosion from weather than metal.

We believe our ability to talk with our clients and understanding their needs has been instrumental in our continued success and pivotal to our ongoing business with many regular clients.



Plastic Crate Repair

plastic tank repairPlastic Crate Repair

Plastic crate repair can be a very effective means of prolonging the life of your crate. We can repair a wide range of plastics items including a range of plastic crates that have been damaged during transit or in general use. When looking for plastic welding in South East Queensland think Fix a Tank. The areas we typically service are;

Pie Creek
Tin Can Bay
Cooloola Cove
Rainbow Beach

Any crates that cannot be economically repaired are responsibly recycled, so nothing is wasted. On average the cost of repairing and recycling equates to around half that of purchasing new stock, thereby reducing overheads and the impact on the environment.

In today’s business world it is becoming more and more important for companies to be more environmentally aware and conscious in the way they source, use and dispose of their products.

Crates are often considered to be a more environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard boxes, and rightly so. Crates and totes fall into the category of ‘reusable transit packaging’ as they are a product that can be used hundreds if not thousands of times and for many many uses before they start to show wear and tear. Unlike cardboard, our crates/totes are not affected by water damage and last much much longer than cardboard boxes.

With an estimated 100,000 crates, or totes being scrapped due to damage every year, Fix a Tank believes our repair service will be popular with customers keen to reduce waste and protect their bottom line.

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Poly Tank Repairs

Poly Tank Repairs – Fix a Tank

poly tank repairsFix a tank are expert plastic welders and are your experts in poly  tank repairs. Fix a tank know tanks and are your local experts in water tank repairs. Whether it is to repair a leaking poly rain water tank, slimline water tank or any pvc water tank, Fix a tank have it covered.

We are an independent water tank repairs specialist and do not sell rain water tanks. We are not biased towards any brand or supplier so our advice and service offered is untainted and totally independent. This stands us apart from many water tank repair businesses.

Normally your damaged poly water tank can be repaired at a fraction of the replacement cost for a new water tank. A new tank has the expense of disconnecting the tank from the water supply, removing the tank and discarding the old tank in the most appropriate, environmentally responsible way. Your new poly rain water tank must then be installed and reconnected so the whole exercise can be very expensive. No mater what type, size or shape your water tank it is, we can repair them all, big, small, round, slimline because being made from Polythene they are repairable.

Fix a tank are a family owned and operated business offering great customer service with attention to detail guaranteed. We take great pride in the work we perform and aim to exceed our customer’s expectations. We can regularly check and maintain your tank, therefore ensuring any potential flaw or damage is attended to before it becomes a more serious issue.

Fix a tank operates throughout the greater Gympie region, Cooloola Cove, Tin Can Bay, the Sunshine Coast region, Rainbow Beach and the Wide Bay district.

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Plastic and Poly Welding

Plastic and Poly WeldingPlastic and Poly Welding

Have you ever had to throw something away or replace it because it was made of plastic and was broken? Did you know it may be able to be repaired?

From Water Tanks to Commercial Crates, Split bumper bars to motorbike fairings in pieces, Fix a Tank can professionally repair your item. There is no need to buy a new water tank that can cost heap of money as well as removal and plumbing costs. Have your commercial crate repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Car bumpers and bike fairings can also be repaired economically.

Where possible we use plastic welding techniques to repair thermoplastics on cars and motorbikes, such as bumpers, trims, fairings and spoilers, instead of using expensive replacements. We service a wide area of the Sunshine Coast and more.

We have the technology and the expertise that enables us to fuse splits and strengthen weak areas in plastics. Plastic welding is gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly option and a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

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