Plastic Tank Welding

Plastic Tank WeldingPlastic Tank Welding

Plastic Tank Welding from Fix a Tank means you have the skilled specialists in repairing a wide range of products made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), or as they are usually known, “Poly”.

We take pride in offering on-site repairs to poly water tanks no matter what brand of tank you have. We have the technology to repair it no matter what shape or size. This is a very economical solution for your damaged tank.

Water tanks are a huge industry now and we have become specialists in repairing them using advanced plastic tank welding techniques. Most of these tanks are made from a low density polyethylene which is a difficult plastic to repair.

These tanks have to be welded with a different density of welding rod, as it can’t be welded with itself contrary to most other weldable plastics. 

We have seen on a few occasions a situation where a forklift operator, puts one of the forks through a tank during installation and causes quite a bit of damage. That means removal and replacement, but also disposed of at great cost to the owners. For a fraction of these costs it can be repaired successfully and withstands all the pressure when it is full.

We’re up to date with all the latest technologies and processes and with our expertise and skills we can repair or recycle just about any plastic component. We cover a wide area of the Gympie and Sunshine Coast.

If you think plastic won’t be strong enough for heavy-duty commercial or industrial equipment, think again. Some specialized plastics are as strong and durable as metal. In fact, plastic can be more resistant to corrosion from weather than metal.

We believe our ability to talk with our clients and understanding their needs has been instrumental in our continued success and pivotal to our ongoing business with many regular clients.



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