Fix-A-Tank is a local business located in Gympie, boasting many years experience in the field of plastic tank repairs, plastics and welding .

Our expertise is derived from extensive training and industrial experience in both general welding and plastic welding in the public and private sector. Being a mobile service company we are able to travel to all areas of the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay regions offering a unique onsite service.

Our services range from plastic welding, tank repairs or general tank repairs, boat repairs, car bodywork repairs, acrylic displays, pipe work fabrication or repairs, plus much more. In short, if it is plastic we are more than likely able to fix it or fabricate it.

Plastic Tank Repairs

One specialty is the ability to fabricate in variety of plastic materials and to extrusion weld for added strength and durability. This gives you, the customer, peace of mind that you are getting the best advice, skills and expertise in the business.

A recent business case relating to plastic crates proved that plastic welding repairs is the best option as opposed to discarding the damaged items and replacing them with new items. The business owner saved over $2500 by having 10 crates repaired. The crates were expertly welded using the latest technology available and the integrity of the crate was maintained. There was also the environmental benefit of not having to correctly dispose of the damaged crates. This is a very simple yet a viable and effective solution for any business using plastic crates to transport items such as frozen goods.

For any type of plastic tank repairs why not get a quote now by either calling us on 0412 527 434 or emailing us HERE. We will promptly and courteously attend to your request.


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